Novus Innovation Corridor

Tempe, Arizona
Novus Innovation Corridor Areal View

Located at the Arizona State University (ASU) Tempe Campus, this 330-acre district is the cornerstone of the University’s efforts fund the next generation of campus athletic facilities while creating a new and vibrant mixed-use destination.  Keeping with ASU’s ranking as one of the nation’s most innovative colleges, the Novus Innovation Corridor will feature cutting edge technology infrastructure as well as an unmatched commitment to sustainable development that will make this one of the nation’s premier destinations for sports, entertainment, living and working all together.

While at ASU Neil Calfee was involved at the inception of this effort and helped shape the creation of this district and guided the efforts to select a master developer (Catellus Development Corporation) and establish the operations and review procedures for private development projects within the project area.

Now as a private consultant, Neil continues to advance this unique effort through his engagement with Catellus to provide operations support in the areas of project review procedures, procurement and interface with the City of Tempe.

Novus Innovation Corridor Areal View
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