Hayden Ferry Lakeside

Tempe, Arizona
Hayden Ferry Lakeside at sunset

Located on a key redevelopment parcel connecting Tempe’s Historic Downtown Commercial District to the Town Lake District and the campus of Arizona State University, Hayden Ferry Lakeside was the impetus project for what has become a highly successful and nationally renowned mixed-use district.  While a principal at Benton-Robb Development Associates, Ross Robb:

  • Worked with City of Tempe and Development Team on
    • Lake Finance Plan
    • Improvement District Financing
    • Community Facilities District Financing
    • Development and Disposition Agreements
    • Government Property Lease Excise Tax Abatement
  • Processed over 1 million square foot mixed-use Planned Area Developments through City of Tempe development review processes and City Council approvals from 1995 – 2003
  • Worked with Downtown Tempe Authority and a variety of community stakeholder groups to gain community support for the project
  • Worked with co-developers and brokerage community to market and lease project parcels and commercial spaces to tenants


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